Ultra Violet Air Treatment Lamp
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Ultra Violet Air Treatment Lamp

Stop Summer Colds Before They Start In some homes, comfort comes with side effects, especially during warmer times of the year. Many people find that when they use their air conditioning systems, allergies, headaches and cold symptoms seem to worsen. Unfortunately, air conditioning coils are dark and damp, offering the perfect environment for the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi and molds. So in establishing a comfortable temperature, homeowners can unwittingly create unhealthy air.

The White-Rodgers UV Light is a remarkably effective means of arresting this bacterial growth. The unit emits a germicidal ultraviolet frequency that penetrates the cell walls of detrimental microbes, permanently neutralizing any ill effects. And better health isn’t the sole benefit. When mold or similar microbes have been reduced, air conditioner efficiency often improves, saving the homeowner on operating costs.

Our multi-purpose UV lights have been designed to give you complete market coverage with only two models (single lamp and dual lamp) lowering your inventory costs. Each unit features a universal electronic power supply, making it compatible with 120-240 volt applications. And our exclusive tilt-bracket design allows each unit to adapt to specific application needs by angling the bulb placement when needed. Plus, both units also use the same UV-C lamps.

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Ultra Violet Air Treatment Lamp

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