Package Air Conditioners

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Package Air conditioner can give you are refreshing retreat from the surrounding heat and dust and you can experience clean and cool air by choosing a suitable one from our outlet. Yes, our outlet is host to some of the most robust and reliable air conditioning systems from the major renowned brands in Air Conditioning. Interesting question is -- why buy from us? The answer is just as simple as the question, because we provide you the best machine at the best rate. Our vast collection ensures that even you small specification are met and you are not restrained with choice. So, surf through the air conditioners, read their specification, consult us if you have any doubts and enjoy the refreshing environment.

You can get Air conditioners with cooling capacity ranging from 2 Ton to 5 Ton that is quite ideal for your house, office or shop. Our inventory of ACs are well above the minimum SEER requirement of 12 and they use environment friendly refrigerant. Our collection is not only "GREEN" but it is also energy efficient, meaning you can enjoy the right humidity and temperature without any exorbitant bills. Our team takes pains to collate the packages ACs that are finest in all specifications so once you choose from us you are guaranteed of three things, peace of mind, right price and highest specifications in almost all the areas. Since you avail these products at wholesale price so price advantage is quite natural and yes we sell you even a single unit at the wholesale price....just another reason you will feel satisfied buying from us.