High Efficiency and Tankless Water Heaters


    Hot water is normally obtained from a tank normally around 50 gallons that heats the water continuously. It is great to be able to use hot water as and when we require it but the issue is that we use this for just one or two hours every day. In case you have dishwasher certified by Energy Star you may not even require that as in latest models water is heated within the unit itself. To make things worse, most of these insulated tanks are just around 60% efficient.

    Due to this, there is a need for tankless units that provide hot water as and when you require it and use 30% lesser energy when compared to traditional tanks.  While it is possible to acquire small systems for sinks and showers, some prefer having a centralized unit that can be used for the whole home.

    When the hot tap is turned on, these heaters flare up and electricity or gas is used to heat up the water when required. The time delay is just about 30 s and it may not be possible to have two hot water showers simultaneously unless a bigger unit is installed.  The advantage of using tankless units is that you will always have sufficient hot water at your disposal.  There are other benefits such as greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and space as a small unit can be placed anywhere and can be wall-mounted.

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