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At places located at higher altitudes above sea level, certain adjustments needs to be made to retain optimum work efficiency of the furnaces. This is simply because with greater height, air density reduces and thinner air has far lesser heat transmission capacity compared to normal air.

Generally, the efficiency of all common heating equipment including furnaces, pressure cookers, ovens etc. are largely dependent on the atmospheric pressure, oxygen content and density of air. As mentioned above, thinner air carries much lesser heat and experiments have revealed that for every thousand feet height, a furnace loses around 4-5% capacity. Irrespective of the fuel you are using in your furnace ranging from natural gas to liquefied propane gas, the problem is pretty much the same for all. Apart from this, to make it even worse, the altitude significantly affects the size of the furnace as well.

Taking these impending shortcomings of traditional furnaces at higher altitudes, we at Furnace Factory Outlet; have come up with an innovative conversion kit using which furnaces can function with full efficiency almost anywhere and everywhere. Presently, we are dealing in conversion kits for both natural gas as well as LP gas furnaces. With over a decade’s work experience in this sector, we have observed that most users tends to opt for the electric hanging furnaces in the higher altitudes for automatic resetting of the device to de-energize the furnace in case of overheating. Based on this client preference, we have a plethora of similar models coming in a wide range of functionalities, rates and quality.

Providing total client satisfaction has always been our sole priority and being blessed with a pool of proficient trained furnace installers and trouble shooters have helped us in our mission to provide the best quality service to our clients. We understand that due to geographical constraints, it may not always be possible for us to send a technician in person to the client’s place. So, to help out every single client of ours, we have started providing online support services absolutely free through our company website at We are available round the clock and all queries related to our products posted on our website are carefully read and answered by experienced technicians.

We, at The Furnace Factory Outlet understand that budget happens to remain as one of the key priorities for every shopper. So, our sole resolution all these years have been to try and deliver the best product in minimum prize tag. Based on the features and size, the prize of our conversion kits ranges from $35-$50 which is much cheaper compared to the present market values. Still not convinced? Stop thinking and just let us be at your service for once and we bet we won’t let you down.