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    An evaporator coil is one of the most important components of a heat pump system or air conditioning system that becomes warm for heat pumps and cold when used inside an air conditioning unit. Coils are mostly connected inline or mounted in the external ductwork of the rooms. When the systems are on, cold air flows through the coil for the air conditioners (or hot air when operating inside a heat pump). The air transmitted through the coils is evenly distributed throughout the room.

    We, at Furnace Factory Outlet deal in a diversified variety of high quality evaporator coils. We offer coils ranging in sizes from 1.5-5.0 tons. When it comes to purchasing an evaporator coil for your heat pump or air conditioning system, deciding on what tonnage coil needs to be chosen is always going to be a prime area of consideration. Theoretically, it might sound sensible to settle for a coil having the same tonnage as the heat pump or condenser but practically it may not necessarily work that way always.

    Apart from tonnage, the overall efficiency rating (defined as SEER) of the condenser or heat pump have also proven to bear a significant effect on the coils. At Furnace Factory Outlet, we make the job of selecting a proper coil size much easier for you by listing our products in our “View Category” page sub-classified on the basis of design, type and technical specifications. Moreover, we are blessed with a competent panel of support staffs who work relentlessly round the clock to assist our clients in every possible way. Below are some of the major types of coils that we have in store:

    Coils for furnaces-Generally, evaporator coils are not meant to be used with the oil furnaces. The average coil drain pan rates for up to 275-300 F on an average but oil furnaces may well exceed that temperature. However, our Goodman made evaporator coils comes with a specially designed metallic drain pan which makes it perfectly suitable to be used with all types of furnaces.

    Vertical Cased Coils- At Furnace Factory Outlet, we deal with Goodman made horizontal and vertical cased/uncased coils for use in various furnaces, heat pumps, condensers and similar devices. Our Goodman cased vertical coils are used with furnaces in both upflow/downflow positions. We have listed the coils based on their physical dimensions in our “View Category” page to make them correspond correctly with different furnaces.

    Vertical Uncased Coils- As the very name suggests; such coils are used in the vertical position with furnaces. These coils find common application with the heat pumps and air conditioning systems.

    Horizontal Cased Coils- This variety of coils is mostly used for the systems lying horizontally on its side. Just like the other varieties, we offer coils of standard physical dimensions corresponding to the different widths of the systems to make them fit correctly with your equipment.

    Upflow/Downflow Evaporator- Goodman’s Upflow/Downflow evaporator coil comes in both cased as well as uncased varieties. Empowered with a high tech FIN technology; the Goodman Upflow/Downflow coils boost the power and efficiency of air conditioning. Moreover, inclusion of innovative features like Armor Coat and sloped drain pan add to the Goodman reliability you expect.