Amana 14000 BTU PTAC Air Conditioner
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Amana's new DigiSmart technology has dramatically raised the bar in PTAC controls and offering many programmable features and self-diagnostics. By maintaining lower humidity levels in rooms while cooling them without the need for expensive add-ons, Amana PTACs allow you to feel more comfortable at higher temperatures, thus reducing your cooling costs



Energy Efficient
With an EER of 10.0 / 10.0, the unit's high efficiency may qualify you for rebates offered by electrical power companies.

Quiet Operation
This is Amana's quietest PTAC yet. The unit's state-of-the-art design and construction provide a quiet environment, allowing you to enjoy peaceful, sleep-filled nights with a STC (Sound Transmission Class) of 28.

Two Fan Motor Design
Amana uses a two fan motor design, one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor tangential fan creates a quiet operating environment.

Made in the USA
Amana PTACs are assembled in the USA. Amana has been doing this for 30 years. Amana uses Goodman resources including engineering, production, and testing in their Fayetteville, TN, plant.

Quality Control
Amana tests every PTAC during assembly in their Fayetteville, TN plant and again prior to shipment. They also perform leak tests.

Form Factor
Amana PTACs have one of the industries' shallowest front depths at only 7 5/8". The front panel may be secured to the chassis with a hidden screw which helps prevent unauthorized tampering with the PTAC.

Simple Maintainance
Amana's removable condenser shroud allows easy access to enable regular cleaning of coils, which is essential to maintain unit efficiency and protect the compressor for long unit life. Every Amana PTAC comes with easy to pull-out filters which are washable and easy to maintain.

Built to Last Long
Amana PTACs include a filter dryer for the sealed system refrigerant. This protects the compressor and lengthens the life of the PTAC by removing moisture and preventing acid formation.

Easy to Use
Every Amana PTAC has a 7-button touch pad and LED Display. This makes it easy to use and set the temperature to your liking.

Condensate Dispersion System
The Amana Condensate Dispersion System removes condensate from indoor cooling operation by throwing water directly on to the outdoor coil for rapid evaporation and increased cooling efficiencies. The slinger ring on the new, enhanced fan draws water up and into the fan blades. This water is then atomized and evaporated into the atmosphere through the condenser. Increased surface area from the coil allows more water to be evaporated on the sides of the coils and helps to minimize condensate run-off.

Front Desk Control
Front Desk Control is a useful feature for motels, hotels, and other multi room establishments. Each unit comes equipped with the DigiSmart™ control and energy management software. With Digi-Smart™, using the optional RF antennae, all units can be wirelessly connected to a central hub for enhanced energy savings and diagnostics. Amana brand PTACs also has a low-voltage interface capability with a field-supplied front-desk ON/OFF switch. Call us for more details.

Freeze Protection
Every Amana PTAC has room freeze protection. If the PTAC senses temperatures of 40°F or below, automatically the unit activates the fan motor and either the electric resistance heater or the hydronic heater will be activated.

Compressor Lock-In
Amana's compressor lock-in feature helps prolong compressor life by preventing short-cycling. When the compressor is switched from Off to On because room temperature has risen or fallen below the specified limit, it will remain on for at least 4 minutes. If the temperature set-point is changed during these 4 minutes, the lock-in feature is overridden.

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Amana 14000 BTU PTAC Air Conditioner

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