Amana PTH123G35AXXX 11700 BTU Class PTHP Heat Pump
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 an ideal way to heat and air condition offices, apartments, dormitories, and residential additions. The PTHP units slide into a standard, pre-existing 16” x 42” wall sleeve and include intuitively configured controls. New installations require a wall sleeve and grille. These PTAC units are designed with efficiency, durability, and quiet operation in mind. They can be purchased in a variety of capacities to meet your sizing requirements. This PTAC unit is a heat pump with a back-up electric heat strip.


  • DigiSmart Control Board – Degree-by-degree temperature control and LED digital display make it easy to monitor the system settings.
  • Quiet Fan Operation – New 9-blade condenser fan, and reconfiguration of copper refrigerant tubing results in the quietest Amana PTAC ever.
  • Automatic Freeze Protection – If the unit senses the indoor temperature below 40 degrees, the fan motor and electric heat strip are turned on.
  • 3-Minute Compressor Lockout – After the compressor cycles off, it will not restart for three minutes in order to prevent harm to the compressor.
  • Automatic 2nd Stage Electric Heat (Heat Pump Only) – If the room temperature falls to 4 degrees below the set point temperature, the heat pump compressor is shut off and the electric heat strip is turned on.
  • Rotary Compressor – Permanently mounted on rubber isolators to limit vibration noise.



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  • Item #: PTH123G35AXXX
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PTH123G35AXXX
  • Condition: New

Amana 11700 BTU Class PTHP Heat Pump

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