Air Handlers

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    Air Handlers are a special type of equipment used for conditioning and circulation of air uniformly throughout the periphery of a room. Air handlers operate as an integral part of a standard HVAC system. Typically, an air handler is a big metal box comprising of a blower, chambers or racks, dampers, heating and cooling elements and sound attenuators. The air handlers are connected to your ductwork that supplies conditioned air throughout the rooms and reverts it back to the feeder unit.

    Some of the smaller air handlers sometimes include only a blower, coil and air filter; these basic terminal units are also known as fan coil units or blower units. At Furnace Factory Outlet, our highly experienced HVAC engineers and technicians are vastly experienced in installation and maintenance of air handlers and similar components of your heating and air conditioning system.

    How Air Handlers Function- Any standard home comfort system has 2 main parts- an indoor unit and an outdoor unit like heat pump or air conditioner. Air handlers are a part of the indoor unit that circulates fresh air throughout the rooms in the hot summer days and hot air in the bitterly cold winter nights. The outdoor and indoor units are designed so as to work together in tandem. Therefore, Air Handlers supply cool conditioned air uniformly throughout your rooms, when installed with a heat pump or an air conditioning system.

    When it comes to purchasing any component of a traditional HVAC system, Furnace Factory Outlet is a company that you can trust for top quality products and services. Emboldened with years of professional and industrial experience in this sector, we, at Furnace Factory Outlet always strive to offer honest, affordable and prompt HVAC services to our clients. Moreover, we offer round the clock service thereby ensuring that you will always find us by your side whenever you need our services.

    At Furnace Factory Outlet, our team of well trained technicians and support staff are fairly knowledgeable on all possible facets of your cooling system, starting from the air ducts to the air handlers. Therefore, you can be absolutely assured that our people know how to deal with every single air conditioning problems of yours. Our skilled air conditioning staff makes use of the latest materials and tools when packaging, assembling or installing your handlers.

    Goodman air handler units makes it much easier to improve overall comfort levels and cut down on expenses therefore making it a double bonus for the buyers. Starting from the basic economical models to the latest innovative devices, our high quality air handlers are built to ideally fit into any performance level and price point. Moreover, we offer a 10 years warranty on the refrigerant coil and other functional components of the air handlers. All our products are performance certified in strict accordance with the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute. With the latest models, you can get much better air circulation that perfectly matches your optimum level of comfort more quietly and efficiently.