Goodman 80,000 BTU gas furnace model GMH80804BN
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80,000 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace 2 Stage 1600 CFM Fan Model Number 

GMH80804BN Gas Furnace Up to 80% AFUE, Single-Stage, Upflow Installation, Multi-Speed, Dual $aver technology

Different from the conventional, single stage furnace technology, the Goodman GMH80804BN 80000 BTU 80% Upflow gas furnace system incorporates the latest Dual Saver technology that effectively eliminates abrupt temperature swings resulting from sudden high- stage stops and starts of the furnace by operating at a lower heating stage unless required to switch to a higher stage. Thisfurther helps your furnace to pleasantly and gradually increase the indoor temperature of the rooms. Not only this,whenever the system detects that the low - stage heating is not sufficient to heat up your rooms to the desired temperature fast enough, the Dual Saver technology automatically activates the furnace into a higher stage to make you feel comfortable.

The Goodman 80000 BTU up to 80% AFUE Downflow gas furnaces delivers money-saving, indoor comfort to your home for the years to follow. The multi-speed as well as variable speed furnaces from Goodman offers superior comfort by gradually alternating up to your thermostat settings rather than direct switching it on at full speed. Adding to this, Goodman offers some of the best warranty protection that you’ll find in the heating & cooling industry. Another key feature that adds to the benefits of using these furnaces is their remarkably high energy efficiencies that help in reducing your energy expenses by a fair margin. Lastly, with an Annual fuel utilization efficiency up to 80%, as many as 80 cents per $1 of heating gas is used up to warm your room

Extraordinary Warranty Protection: Apart from the Heat Exchanger, all other functional parts of this Goodman GMH80804BN Gas Furnace System are covered by a 10- Years Parts Limited Warranty. Regarding the heat exchanger, if ever it stops functioning within the initial ten years of ownership, Goodman will replace the entre unit and provide a new furnace to the original registered owner of the furnace.

Product Features:


• Reliable, energy-efficient hot surface ignition system with Goodman furnace patented adaptive learning algorithm to maximize igniter life

• Well insulated and heavy-gauged steel cabinet with a long lasting baked enamel finish

• Dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger

• 40VA transformer for heating and air conditioning control service

• Dual-stage gas valve Dual Saver technology that allows the installer to dual stage valve with the flip of a dip switch

• Convenient left or right connection settings for electric and gas services

• Low constant fan helps users to activate low heat speed to circulate heated air uniformly throughout the home

• 110V Silicon Nitride Igniter

• Furnace control board including self diagnostic features

• Self-adjusting properties automatically adjusts the furnace to a high or low stage operation based on the temperature outside

• Removable bottom for side/bottom return applications

• Color-coded, low- voltage terminals

• Control board able to store the last 5 diagnostic codes in the memory

• Flame roll out switches, Outlet air limit switch, pressure switch and blower door safety switch for proof of combustion air

• Coil and furnace fit flush for most installations

• Foil faced insulation lines the heat exchanger compartment

• Special provisions for electronic air cleaners and 24 volt humidifiers

• Designed for multi positional installation- left or right, horizontal, upflow

• Quiet, Four-speed, direct- drive circulation blower motor

• Factory sealed to achieve as low as 2% or leakage rate at 1 inch water gauge external duct static pressure





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  • Item #: GMH80804BN
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GMH80804BN**
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80,000 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace

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