Goodman 60,000 BTU gas furnace model GMH80603AN
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60,000 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace 2 Stage Model Number GMH80603AN

GMH80603AN Gas Furnace Up to 80% AFUE, Multi-Position Installation, Multi-Speed, Dual$aver Technology

Over the years, Goodman has emerged as one of the biggest manufacturers of domestic and light commercial heating, air conditioning and indoor quality systems and products by focusing on just one simple attribute- designing the most durable, reliable and refreshingly affordable appliances in the market. The Goodman brand 60,000 BTU 80% gas furnace is no different. Incorporating the latest components and accessories that improve the efficiency and comfort index of your home, the GMH80603AN features aluminized steel, designed in a dual diameter configuration that contributes in increasing the efficiency, durability and efficiency of the furnace.

Not only this, this gas furnace also includes a fully insulated, heavy-gauged steel cabinet that effectively keeps the operational sound levels to the minimum possible extent, thereby providing quiet and comfortable heating for your home. Moreover, a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) performance up to 80% eliminates fuel wastage to a large extent. With high AFUE ratings up to 80%, as much as 80 cents of every $1 of your heating energy expenses will effectively be used up for heating up your room. Plus, all the furnaces are carefully trial tested for heating or heating/cooling system combination prior to shipment to ensure optimum quality and reliable performance.

Extraordinary Warranty Protection: All the functional parts of this 60,000 BTU 80% Upflow Furnace are well covered by a Parts Limited Warranty for 10 Years. The heat exchanger is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty and if ever the exchanger fails within 10 years after purchasing the product, the company will provide a brand new replacement to the original registered purchaser of the gas furnace system.

Product Features:

  • Two stage gas valve control technology enables the installer to activate the two stage valve with the flip of a dip switch
  • Low Voltage Terminals with provisions for electronic air cleaners and 24 volt humidifiers
  • Self adjusting features help in automatically adjusting the furnace to a low or high stage operation depending on the temperature outside without an outdoor temperature sensor
  • 110V Silicon Nitride Igniter
  • Control board capable of storing the last five diagnostic codes in memory
  • The furnace control board includes self diagnostics, color coded
  • Low Constant fan allows the homeowners to activate the low heat speed for efficient circulation of air throughout the rooms
  • Quiet four speed direct drive circulating blower motor
  • Certain models available with lower NOx emissions
  • Energy-saving, reliable hot surface ignition system backed by patented adaptive learning algorithm to maximize igniter life
  • Quiet, corrosion-resistant induced draft blower assembly
  • Multiple flame roll-out switches, Outlet air-limit switch, blower door safety switch and pressure switch for proof of combustion air
  • Aluminized steel inshot burners
  • Combination redundant gas valve and regulator
  • A rotating GMH8 combustion air blower  that delivers the provision to vent the furnace through the top, left-hand sideor right-hand side
  • 40VA transformer for heating & air conditioning control service
  • Foil-face insulation lines the heat exchanger compartment
  • Fully insulated , heavy-gauge, reinforced steel cabinet with durable baked-enamel finish
  • Attractive architectural gray paint finish
  • Convenient left/ right connection for gas &electric service
  • Removable, solid-bottom block off
  • (GMS8) Bottom or side air inlet

Things To Remember: Before purchasing any electrical appliance, Goodman recommends reading the product details to be sure that the selected product is compatible and capable of satisfying your requirements. Click on the links attached below to get the details about the warranty protection, item specifications and installation instructions. Moreover, to receive the warranty protection for the furnace, online registration of every appliance is an absolute necessity except for the California and Quebec residents.




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  • Item #: GMH80603AN
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GMH80603AN**
  • Condition: New

60,000 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace

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