4 Ton Heat Pump Systems

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    4 Ton Heat Pump With the hottest months of the summer knocking at the doors, it's time to take adequate measures to keep our residences cool and comfortable enough to help us beat the heat outside. If you still do not have a heat pump installed at your place, the time is set for you to purchase a nice stylish heat pump system and get it installed in your living room. With so many brands of heat pump available for sale, the job of selection was expected to get ever more difficult with time but in reality that has certainly not been the case. Thinking why? It’s because when a brand like Goodman is offering services in the market, there’s really no point in sparing a second thought on other brands.

    The Goodman HSPV high SEER heat pump systems are perfectly designed and engineered to keep you relaxed even in the hottest summer days. Goodman strives to offer the best compressor’s with their heat pump systems capable of operating in combination with a high-efficiency coil to keep the temperatures of the rooms at the desired levels. Moreover, the coil they use is made up of corrugated aluminum fins and rifled refrigeration graded copper tubing to maximize the surface area. It’s the combination of these top quality parts and components that together work in tandem to cool or heat the rooms effectively.

    In addition to these basic features, the Goodman 4 ton 13-16 SEER heat pump systems is equipped with a liquid-line bi-flow filter drier that helps in preventing impurities from entering the system, thus extending the life span of the system. Barring this, these 4 ton heat pumps enjoys a remarkable durability and offer uninterrupted heating and cooling for years.

    The Furnace Factory Outlet is a US based leading online dealer of Goodman manufactured HVAC equipment and accessories in the United States. We store an exquisite collection of Goodman HSPF heat pump systems with capacities of 1.5-5 tons and SEER ratings varying from 13-16. All our products are strictly checked for quality and come with a full proof coverage of 10 years for the compressor and the parts provided that the components operate within a common system.  The Furnace Outlet understands the budgetary constraints of people and so strive to sell products at wholesale rates, at some of the lowest rates that you’ll ever find in the market. We also provide home delivery services and do not charge any extra money for orders worth $750 or above.