3 Ton Heat Pump Systems

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    The 3 ton HSPF Heat Pump system with R410a refrigeratant incorporates a liquid-lined bi- flow filter that combats debris, moisture and other forms of impurities from entering the expansion device and compressor motor, therefore extending the lifetime of the system.  Not only this, this 3 tons HSPF heat pump comes with customized sound dampening features include a three bladed fan and a louvered sound controlling top to ensure quieter operation. All these components, when working together, make up a heat pump that consumes much less electricity yet provide a quiet, cost-efficient and comfortable home.

    Product Specifications:

    Corrugated Aluminum Fins- The aluminum fins that are corrugated have a much increased surface area when compared to their non-corrugated counterparts. The expanded surface area helps in making the heat transfer even more efficient, thereby cutting down the monthly energy costs.

    Environmentally friendly R-410a Refrigerant: Goodman uses the R-410a refrigerant in their heat pump systems that are environmentally friendly and therefore does not leave any adverse effect upon human health. Plus, Goodman’s unique Refrigerant returns protection policy prevents the backflow of the liquid refrigerants and other contaminants helping in greatly increasing the life span of the system.

    Rifled Copper – The presence of the Rifled copper tubing moves the refrigerant along much quicker, slowly transferring it to the place where it needs to be for better cooling effect, saving on power expenses.

    Product Features: Below listed are some of the major product features of the 3 ton HSPF Heat Pump Systems:

    • High efficiency scroll compressor
    • Provides round the clock indoor heating and cooling comfort for years
    • Louvered sound controlling top for quieter operation
    • Sound compressor blanket of the highest quality
    • Chlorine free R-410a liquid refrigerant
    • ATL listed
    • Performance certified in strict accordance with the United States Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute.
    • Every system is trial tested in industry prior to shipment


    The Furnace Factory Outlet has been serving as a reliable dealer of Goodman heat pump systems for the last 20 years. We have a good range of top quality heat pumps of different capacities with high SEER ratings varying from 13-16. All the Goodman heat pump systems come with a prolonged manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years for the parts and accessories and a lifetime limited warranty for the compressor and the core system. In case of a compressor failure, the company is going to provide you with a new one as long as the system operates in a same single-family home.