3 Ton 13 SEER R-410a AC with 120,000 BTU 92% AFUE Furnace
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The Goodman GSX130361 comes with an air handler, CAPF3636D6 and gas furnace GKS91155DX to provide you with effective cooling and heating during summer and winter season. The Goodman GMSS921205DN provides you with powerful cooling with the capacity of 36000 BTU, ideal for medium spaces.  The air conditioner’s 13 SEER rating provides you with energy efficient performance and ensures there is significant reduction in your energy bills. The unique sound control top design by Goodman keeps the sounds at minimal level to provide you with quiet and peaceful environment. The cabinet of the system comes painted in rust resistant architectural gray powder finish which also helps protect it from UV rays that increases the life of the system.    

Features of Goodman 3 ton 13 SEER GSX130361:

  • Contractor with lug connection
  • 850 RPM condenser fan motor
  • Brass liquid and suction line service valves
  • R-410 A environment friendly refrigerant
  • Ground lug connection
  • ETL and ARI certified
  • Factory installed liquid line filter dryer  

The Goodman CAPF3636D6 is a multi positional air handler, which can easily be installed in different positions like downflow, upflow, and horizontal.  The air handler’s comes with all aluminum coil equipped in galvanized steel cabinet. It further comes with rust resistant drain pans that retain less water, adding more life to the system.

Features of Goodman CAPF3636C6:

  • Rifled aluminum tubing and louvered aluminum fin coils on the CHPF coil\
  • Check flowrater expansion device for heat pump or cooling-only applications
  • Cabinet comes with architectural gray paint finish
  • Foil faced insulation
  • Suitable for use with R-410A and R-22 refrigerants

The Goodman gas furnace GMSS921205DN is a multi speed upflow gas furnace that features an energy efficient hot surface ignition system and aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger. It comes equipped in a cabinet, which is corrosion proof and UV rays resistant.

Features of Goodman gas furnace GMSS921205DN

  • Operates as a natural gas furnace out of the box, and can be easily converted to a propane furnace with optional propane conversion kit (see Accessories tab).
  • Furnace has a hot surface igniter with Norton Mini-igniter and patented adaptive learning control for maximum igniter life

 Integrated Goodman electronic furnace control board with self-diagnostics, low-voltage terminal block

  • Energy-saving, quiet four-speed direct-drive furnace circulator blower motor
  • Dual-certified for sealed combustion direct vent (2-pipe) or non-direct vent (1-pipe) applications. The direct vent furnace setup uses outside air for combustion which increases comfort and furnace energy efficiency.
  • Easy-to-install top venting

Due to new federal regulations on SEER RATINGS some of our products may not be sold in your region. Please check the map below to find the SEER rating for your state as this AIR CONDITIONER is a 13 SEER and may only be sold in the NORTHERN region.  






  • Item #: GSX130361CAPF3636D6GMSS921205DN
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GSX13036CAPF3636D6GMSS921205DN
  • Condition: New

3 Ton 13 SEER R-410a AC with 120,000 BTU 92% AFUE Furnace

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