2.5 Ton ARUF 30B14 Air Handler Model ARUF30B14
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The Goodman 2.5 Ton ARUF Air Handler is a top draw in the split central air-conditioner category. An inbuilt evaporator coil and blowing fan provide you with a complete setup that maximizes performance over long hours of usage. These 2.5 Ton  ARUF Air Handler is also compatible with auxiliary electric heaters that can be field-installed externally. As such they can be used both for cooling the interiors during summertime and for warming during winter. As a trademark with the Goodman the 2.5 Ton  ARUF Air Handler is also suitable for using with the R 410 refrigerant and can easily be installed in several positions and locations. In keeping pace with recent developments, a Smart-frame sub structure can also be found here that aids in insulation retention mechanism.

Features of Goodman 2.5 Ton ARUF Air Handler Model ARUF30B14  are:

  • Suitable for use with the refrigerant R-410A
  • Check flow-rater expansion device for cooling-only and heat pump applications
  • An all-Aluminum coil with an Internal factory-mounted TXV valve
  • Tool-less filter access accommodates standard-size filters
  • Direct-drive, multi-speed motor
  • Multi-position capability: up-flow, down-flow, horizontal or vertical
  • 21 inch depth for easy attic access
  • Transformer and blower time-delay on all units
  • Easy single-bulb UV light compatibility
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed


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  • Item #: ARUF30B14
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ARUF30B14
  • Condition: New

2.5 Ton Multi Position ARUF Air Handler

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