Goodman 20 KW electric furnace model MBR1200AA-1 and HKR-20C
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The Goodman 20KW electric furnace is effective, efficient and versatile to ensure you get the best

Out of this machine. The electric furnace is economical as it saves upon energy, reducing your energy bills to a large extent.  Because of its innovative brushless DC design and advanced technology, the Goodman Electric Furnace provides better efficiency and performance than the variable speed handlers. And, not just this, this electric furnace is versatile and can be installed in different positions.  

This Goodman MBR1200AA1HKR20C electric furnace goes well with heat pumps and air conditioners with the certified performance by the institutes of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  The MBR/MBE blowers deliver highly efficient performance that reduces your energy bills to a great extent. 

Features of 20KW Electric Furnace (68,240 BTU's) MBR1200AA1HKR20C

  • Control circuit for staging
  • ETL listed
  • Rust proof heating elements
  • 10 years parts warranty
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • Wiring harness for easy installation with air handlers



  • Item #: MBR1200AA1HKR20C
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MBR1200AA-1**/HKR-20C*
  • Condition: New

20KW Electric Furnace (68,240 BTU's)

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