1.5 Ton Heat Pump Systems

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    If you are planning to purchase a cost effective yet highly efficient heat pump for your household, the Goodman 1.5 Ton Heat Pump System is undoubtedly an option that’s worth considering. Goodman manufacturers offer a wide range of affordable heat pumps with capacities ranging from 1.5-5 tons. Being the most portable and less energy and space consuming, the 1.5 ton pumps are especially popular among the home makers.

    Just like every other product from Goodman, the 1.5 ton Heat Pump offers a complete 10 year compressor warranty and a parts limited warranty on all the supportive accessories for 10 years. Plus, it makes use of the Eco friendly R-410A refrigerant that does not leave any negative effect on human health. Along with this, Goodman product's features perfect sound levels that can certainly be rated among the very best in the heating & cooling industry.

    In terms of power consumption, it’s true that a 13 SEER heat pump is not as energy efficient as that of the 14 SEER or higher pumps but still its power consumption is far lower compared to the pumps from other manufacturers with lower SEER ratings.

    Taking of quality and durability, Goodman has been one of the most trusted names in the US HVAC industry for the last 40 years. All the Goodman products are strictly designed and checked for quality and the 1.5 ton heat pump is certainly not an exception. Known for its long lasting durability and superb levels of efficiency, this heat pump can be a prized asset for every household.

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