1.5 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner Model GSX130181 with 60,000 BTU 97% Efficient Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace Model GMVM970603BN
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1.5 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner Model  GSX130181 with 60,000 BTU 97% Efficient Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace With Modulating Burner and Variable Speed fan Model GMVM970603BN *This system is NOT rated for use in the Southwest region or the Southeast region of The United States. It is only approved for the Northern region of the United States and Canada.


Standard Features
• ComfortNet™ Communicating System compatible
• Heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger
• Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
• Self-calibrating modulating gas valve auto-configure
for each installation
• Durable Silicon Nitride igniter
• Quiet variable-speed induced draft blower
• Utilizes ComfortNet™ communicating, two-stage or
single-stage thermostats
• Self-diagnostic control board with constant memory
fault code history output to a dual 7-segment display
• Color-coded low-voltage terminals with provisions for
electronic air cleaner and humidifier
• Efficient and quiet variable-speed airflow system gently
ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand
• Multiple continuous fan speed options offer
quiet air circulation
• Auto-Comfort and enhanced dehumidification
modes available
• All models comply with California 40 ng/J
Low NOx emissions standard
Cabinet Features
• Designed for multi-position installation —
GMVM97: upflow, horizontal left or right
GCVM97: downflow, horizontal left or right
• Certified for direct vent (2-pipe) or non-direct vent (1-pipe)
• Easy-to-install top venting with optional side venting
• Convenient left or right connection
for gas and electrical service
• Cabinet air leakage (QLeak) ≤ 2%
• Heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable finish
• Fully insulated heat exchanger and blower section
• Airtight solid bottom or side return with easy-cut tabs
for effortless removal in bottom air-inlet applications

Air Conditioner

Standard Features
• R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant
• Energy-efficient compressor
• Factory-installed filter drier
• Copper tube/aluminum fin coil
• Service valves with sweat connections
and easy-access gauge ports
• Contactor with lug connection
• Ground lug connection
• AHRI Certified
• ETL Listed
Cabinet Features
• Goodman® brand louvered
sound control top design
• Steel louver coil guard
• Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet
• Attractive Architectural Gray powder-paint
finish with 500-hour salt-spray approval
• Top and side maintenance access
• Single-panel access to controls with space
provided for field-installed accessories
• When properly anchored, meets the 2010
Florida Building Code unit integrity
requirements for hurricane-type winds
(Anchor bracket kits available.)


The Goodman 1.5 -2 Ton evaporator coil is 17.5 inches wide and is suitable for heat pumps and condensers for two tonnages.  If you have a higher tonnage heat pump or a condenser, do not worry as this evaporator coil comes equipped with an orifice.  For a lower tonnage condensers or heat pumps, a lower orifice will be used.  For higher SEER rating pumps, Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) is used instead of the orifice.

This Goodman CAPF1824B6 evaporator coil is suitable to be used with R-22 and R-410a refrigerants. Be assured to have years of durability as this Goodman evaporator coil comes in a rust-proof cabinet painted with architectural gray that also protects it from UV rays.

Features of Goodman 1.5-2 Ton Upflow/Downflow Evaporator Coil 17.5" wide CAPF1824B6

  • Cabinet with split seam design for easy access
  • Foil faced  insulation
  • Corrugated aluminium fin coils and rifled tubing
  • Comes with check flowrater expansion device for cooling or heating only applications.





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  • Item #: GMVM970603BNGSX130181
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GSX130181**/GMVM970603BN**
  • Condition: New

1.5 Ton 14 SEER AC with 60,000 BTU 97% AFUE Upflow Gas Furnace

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