Goodman 15 KW electric furnace model MBR1200AA-1 and HKR-15*
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MBE/MBR Multi- Positional Modular Blower/ HKR Series Electrical Heat Kits

The Goodman 15 KW Electric Furnace (51,180 BTU's) is nowadays counted as one of the most reliable, efficient and versatile means of combining the dual comfort of highly energy efficient heating &cooling performance with safety,  convenience and high customer satisfaction. Loaded with an array of user friendly accessories and features, this electric furnace model from Goodman has every element needed to serve as a perfect appliance to have in all households including both new construction and conversion.

Extraordinary Warranty Protection:

The Goodman MBE/MBR multi positional modular blower is protected by a Parts Limited lasting for 10 years on every functional part.

Product Features: 

•      Multi Speed MBR Blower with provisions to change the motor speed as and when required

•      Legendary Goodman Quality and Durability

•      These blowers are strongly built using top class components that are assembled with superb craftsmanship

•      Performance is checked in accordance with the AHRI i.e. Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institutes

•      MBE also offers a variable speed Blower motor that is totally compatible with heat pumps and Air Conditioning systems

•The Goodman designed MBR and MBE modular blowers are especially designed to provide you with amazingly     high energy efficiency

Things You Need to Know: If you are planning to purchase a new 15 KW Electric Furnace (51,180 BTU's) for your household soon, before you make a final purchase, it's always recommended to read the product specifications and information regarding its average yearly energy consumption,  energy efficiency ratings and yearly operating expenses  as provided by your retailer. Moreover, in order to receive the 10 year long Parts Limited Warranty, you are required to complete the online registration latest within two months after installation. Presently, there is no need for online registration in Quebec or California.

HKR Series Electric Heating Kits

The HKR electric heating kits are tailor made to be used with the Goodman brand air handlers andpackaged electric units. These kits constitute of chromium nickel heat elements and also offera built-in over current protection.

Standard Features: 

•  The entire unit is tested and assembled

•  The kits are controlled by the sequencers for better temperature control

•  Multiple branch circuit capability

•  As listed in the electrical data, all working units are well equipped with built- in over current protection

•  ETL Listed

•  AHRI Certified

•  Control circuit designed to permit staging readily

•  A few specific heater kits include Factory installed circuit breakers (refer to electrical data)

•  Fuse link limit for controlling secondary high temperature

•  Rust resistant Nickel/Chromium heat elements

•  Simple plug in wiring harness to ensure simpler installation into the air handlers 

Blower Specifications Heater Specifications

  • Item #: MBR1200AA1HKR15
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MBR1200AA-1/HKR-15*
  • Condition: New

15 KW Electric Furnace (51,180 BTU's)

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