Goodman GMH81005CN 100,000 BTU 2 stage up flow gas furnace
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100,000 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace 2 stage Model GMH81005CN

GMH81005CN Gas Furnace Up to 80% AFUE Performance, Upflow Installation, Two-Stage, Multi-Speed

Unlike the conventional, single stage gas furnace technology, the 100,000 BTU 80% Upflow gas furnace system features the Dual Saver technology that contributes in eliminating the abrupt temperature swings result from sudden, high- stage starts and stops of the gas furnace by effectively operating at a relatively low heating stage most of the times. This, in turn assists your furnace to slowly and pleasantly increase the indoor temperature of your rooms. Moreover, even if the low - stage heating is not good enough to warm up your home to a desired temperature fast enough, Dual Saver technology automatically switches the furnace into high stage to enhance your comfort.

The GMH81005CN multi position 100,000 BTU 80% Upflow furnace from Goodman features a patented aluminized tubular steel exchanger combined with a high efficiency hot surface ignition system. These systems are trial tested for heating or a combination of heating and cooling applications prior to delivery. Powered by the latest accessories and features including a reinforced, heavy- gauge, wrap around steel cabinet and a long lasting baked enamel finish, these furnaces can be fitted anywhere and everywhere within your house ranging from the closet, utility room and alcove to the attic or even the basement.

Extra Ordinary Warranty Protection: This furnace is protected by a 10 Year Parts Limited Warranty on all functional parts and accessories. In addition to this, the heat exchanger is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty and if the heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years of ownership, the company will replace the entire unit.

Product Features: 

•  Operates as a natural gas furnace with the provision being converted to a propane furnace using an optional propane             conversion kit (not included)

•  Aluminized steel in shot furnace burners

•  Aluminized- steel tubular, corrosion-resistant furnace heat exchanger

•  Reliable, energy-efficient hot surface ignition system with the Goodman furnace patented adaptive learning algorithm for               maximizing igniter life

•  The furnace is designed in a way that it suits multi-position installation- horizontal, vertical, left or right

•  Multi-speed, energy saving PSC direct drive blower motor

•  Corrosion-resistant, quiet induced draft furnace blower assembly

•  Low voltage terminal blocks

•  Integrated furnace control with self diagnostic features

•  40VA transformer for heating & air conditioning control service

•  Outlet air limit switch, flame roll out switches, pressure switch and blower door safety switch for proof of combustion air

•  Combination redundant gas valve and regulator

•  A rotating combustion GMS8 air blower to provide the provision to vent the furnace system through the top, right hand or left            hand side

•  Attractive architectural gray paint finish

•  Well assembled and carefully trial tested in the factory prior to shipment

•  Coil and furnace fit flush for easier installation

•  Side or bottom side air inlet

•  Removable, solid bottom block off

•  This furnace does not comply with the California NOx Standards

•  Convenient Left or right connection for electric & gas service

•  Furnace has heavy gauged, reinforced, insulated steel cabinet with a durable baked-enamel finish

•  Durable Silicone Nitride Igniter

•  Furnace has heavy gauged, reinforced, insulated steel cabinet with a durable baked-enamel finish

Things You Need to Know: Click on the links below to get the complete details regarding the furnace specifications, installation instructions and warranty protection terms and conditions. To receive the warranty protection for your furnace, remember to get your product registered online within sixty days of purchasing the furnace. Online registration, is however, not required for California or Quebec residents. 




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100,000 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace

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