Goodman 10 KW electric heater kit
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The 10 KW electric heater kit is made for Goodman electric units and air handlers. The Goodman HKR10 provides you with durable rust resistant nickel chromium heat elements along with built-in over-current protection. The Goodman heater kit comes completely assembled and is tested to ensure you get the functional product.

Features of 10 KW Electric Heater Kit (34,120 BTU’s) HKR10

  • Better temperature control
  • Easy installation through plug-in wiring harness
  • ETL listed
  • Fuse link secondary high-temperature limit control

  • Item #: HKR10
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HKR-10*
  • Condition: New

10 KW Electric Heater Kit (34,120 BTU's)

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